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Check out this sweet lineup. Tomorrow at Club Dada in Deep Ellum. FREE

Check out this sweet lineup. Tomorrow at Club Dada in Deep Ellum. FREE



Fur Face Boy Series III Release Party - Fishr Pryce | John-E Specs | Info Red w/Niro | Leon the Pro | Sore Losers | Jabee | DJ Love [Centre] - Just wow. The Fur Face Boy has gone all out for the release of the third series of his clothing, booking a virtual who’s who of local hip-hop for the party. Taking place at Centre in Mockingbird Station, this one is set to run from 1-9. Check out the Facebook event page for he set list of this top-notch lineup. An exclusive FFB x Centre tee will be available. And check out the new FFB line right here.

Absynthesizer 6 - LEAF | Blunt Force Crew [Absinthe Lounge] - This one should prove to be a great one, with acclaimed producer LEAF tearing it up along with the long-time D-Town hip-hop staple the Blunt Force Crew who will have unreleased material in tow. Word on the streets in that a special unannounced guest will also make a showing. Fun stuff.

Fizzy Dino Pop | Sore Losers | DJ TOMMYLEEJONES [The Majestic Dwelling of Doom] - The Sore Losers do the double header as they zip up to Denton to play at the great house party venue of The Majestic Dwelling of Doom.


Block Party Sundays - RC Williams | The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Lost Society] - New weekly block party series brought to you by RC Williams and live band The Gritz. Hip-hop and R&B and eat plenty of free shrimp, crawfish, catfish and more. Party runs from 1- 9, free until 3 and $10 after that.


It’s a dreary Monday in Dallas today. To help you through the day, please forage through this lengthy collection of new Dallas hip-hop.

Wreckamic - "Grizzly Bear Adams" mixtape

DJ Nemeses - "Face Melter" mix

Objektiv One - "World Tour (Chop Suey Slash Up)" - Fresh mash-up bringing Wale together with Grand Funk Railroad … at last.

Fishr Pryce + NVS - "The Mix That Never Happened" - Speaking of mash-ups, NVS and Fishr made this mix a couple years back, only to shelve the project because the mash-up craze was out of control at the time. Now it sees the light of day.

Bodega Brovas - "Iron Horse" [Video]

Mr. J. Medeiros | Erica Thompson | Bodega Brovas - "Keep the Vibe" - From “a mixtape”, upcoming from DJ Second Sense.

Chucky Sly - "wota" - More from that upcoming Second Sense mixtape.

Symbolyc One - Cloud Nineteen (The Instrumentals) - Instrumental version of the album that S1 did with Braille.

Killa MC - "Playaround" [Video] We got sent this track last week and are kinda diggin’ it. The beat is hot. Produced by Blue from the Sore Losers.

Da Dreak - "I’m Greedy" mixtape

DEEPSPACE5 - "5PRINT" mixtape - A little DS5 to whet your appetite for the upcoming full-length on Mega Royal Records.

Moses Uvere - "Me and tha Beat"

GOAT & three6t - "Highest Low" [Video]


Fishr Pryce - February mix - Hip-hop classics with your boy Fishr. Has stuff from greats like Nas, Biggie, Dilated Peoples, Common, Public Enemy, Talib Kweli, Outkast and more.

Astronautalis - "Seaweed Sheets" - Astronautalis goes all rap star on this one, the first track from his upcoming DANCEHALLHORNSOUND!!!! mix tape. The project itself is not what we’re used to from Andy, so check out mucho details at Fresher Than.

Jabee - "The Re-Up" and Two Remix EPs - Jabee’s Valentine’s Day EP, “The Re-Up” is avaiable now FREE at Mega Royal Records. Also free are two remix EPs, including one from Objektiv One.

Rob Viktum + Ancient Mith - "Don’t Wanna Feel" - And speaking of Mega Royal, Rob Viktum is in the process of recording an EP and a full length with Colorado-based rapper Ancient Mith. Peep the video for the first track that they’ve completed.

imageI Am Legend - KRS-One | Slick Rick | Rakim | Bodega Brovas [Dallas Museum of Nature and Science Fair Park (what????)] - Perhaps the most insane show that will be going down this whole weekend. I guess it’s appropriate that the venue is a museum considering the hip-sop history that this lineup is responsible for. Also, we heard yesterday that the Bodega Brovas, locally-affiliated Headkrack, KeyNote, and Travii the 7th, will be opening? Cool.

All-Star Sneakend - DJ Clark Kent | Mayor | DJ Greg Street [House of Blues] - This one runs early, from 3-6pm, but promises to be a heavily attended event that will be a veritable who’s who of the sneaker game. Expect to see some insanity on display at this sneakerhead’s delight. There will also be a “Dunk Contest,” so bring your flyest Nike Dunk for a chance to win a juicy prize.

Doug E. Fresh | DJ Premier [The Boardroom] - From 5-9pm catch the Kick-Off Party with Doug E. Fresh, while the night cap will feature DJ Premier and be hosted by Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce. Yet another unbelievable All-Star event.

More Overblown Celebrity All-Star Events [All Over Town] - Once again, we turn to The Quick for their comprehensive round-up.

The Release - DJ Viz | DJ I. E. [The Red Room]

To Haiti With Love Dallas - Steve Austin | Yung Phill | Tomeka Pearl | Lil Ronnie | Blofly | Official | Jonny Price & Don D | CoLab | Dawg Wonder | Blaze Won [The Lounge on Elm Street]

Absinthe AllStarzDJ AV | Select [Absinthe Lounge]

Jordan Brand 23/25 Experience - Fishr Pryce | MC Lyte [2350 Victory Park Ln] - Celebrating the release of the Air Jordan 2010, the 25th anniversary of the legendary shoe. Check Fishr’s video of the event here.