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Sa 2/25 @ Liquid Lounge :: Local rapper A.S.A.P. releases his debut album with a stacked lineup of local talent. Also on the bill are GOAT, JackRabbit James, Kilo Art-of-Fact, I.Q., Moose Harris, Year of the Ox, Human Resources and DJ Trek.

Tonight at The Green Elephant: Playdough, Year of the Ox, Vicious Cycle, Blaze Won and more. LIVE REGGAE HOUSE BAND tonight!


Volume 2 of the Mixtape In A Day Series: Free, 7 song mixtape w/ Molek Ular & Kraftmatik of the Dallas HipHop group; Year Of The Ox. Recorded & DJ’ed by Molek Ular, “Dangerzone” features Kilo Artefacto. Downloadable @

Hip-hop costume party on Lower Greenville next Thursday 10/28/10. New Thursday weekly @ Sugar Shack – “School’d


First Wednesdays Jam SessionRC Williams | The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Prophet Bar] - Jay Clipp plays an ALL VINYL set, The Gritz bring the live band vibe, and RC Williams hosts. Free food, open mic, and drinking. Sounds like a good time, no?

Things Fall Apart - Cinco de Mayo - MC Astro & Leo J | King G.I. | Year of the Ox | Tape Masta Steph | Rob Viktum[Slip Inn] -A PACKED lineup this wee as the Things Fall Apart crew welcome a bevy of live acts for this special Cinco de Mayo Wednesday at the Slip Inn.  Tape Masta Steph will also man the turntables before he departs to Vegas, as will resident DJ Rob Viktum 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!


NORML Party - Year of the Ox | Buddha Fingers [Sterling’s Bar and Grill] - Come celebrate NORML in Addison with the guys from Year of the Ox. Buddha Fingers mans the turntables.

No Bullshit Mondays - DJ Love | Leo J | SOULJah | Niro [Slip Inn] - The No Bullshit crew welcomes special guests DJ Love and Leo J from Poor Vida.


True School Hip-Hop - DJ Love [Ten Sports Grill]

Bavu Blakes w/Myone | Chucky Sly | Year of the Ox | MC Astro | J-Kid | DJ Nemeses [Green Elephant] - Behold as two of the elder statesmen of local hip-hop come together to drop science all over Dallas. Each of these MCs can individually hold it down on a national level and we owe it to them to support. Bavu will have special guest Myone from the Strange Fruit Project for his set. And the Rec Shop B-Boys will be showcasing their talents to the tunes of the talented DJ Nemeses. Should be an epic evening.



Real Street Jam 2.0 - Mutemor | Priest TD [1837 Corinth St.] - Kicking off at 2:00 this party caters to all elements of hip-hop: Priest and Mutemor will be spinning, there will be a b-boy battle, and a graffiti expo is also planned. There will even be BMX and skate contests going on. What about the MCs, you ask? Well, check out the insane lineup for the afterparty on the flyer above.

Real Street Jam 2.0 Official After Party - Damaged Good$ | Mes the Jive Turkey | galleryCat | Playdough | Ty City | A.Dd+ | Ni Taylor | AnonymousCulture | Ms Keke | Dow Jonez | MC Astro | Year of the Ox | 7even Thirty | Rob Viktum | SOI | Phooka [1837 Corinth St.] - This will be insane.

Breakbeats -DJ Love [Zubar] - Love brings it with his monthly dose of breaks at the Zubar.


Spring Affair - A-One | JT Donaldson | Brett Johnson | John Walker | Mike J [Reverchon Park] - Try something new. Well, not new, park parties are nothing revolutionary. So try something different and house-y. Let’s enjoy this good weather while we still can, North Texas!


Healing: Chilean Fundraising Event - Kilo Art-of-Fact | Bobby Fisha | Year of the Ox | Rob Viktum [Slip Inn] - Chliean-born rapper Kilo Art-of-Fact will be representing for his ravaged home country at this week’s Wednesday Slip Inn event. Local rappers Bobby Fisha and Year of the Ox will also represent. Rob Viktum will hold down the wheels of steel as usual.

Serve and Protect Tour 2010 - 2Mex | Sahtyre | D Teknics | Blunt Force [Ridglea Theater] - LA’s 2Mex has been holding it down in the underground scene ever since he plied his skills as a lyricist at the legendary Good Life Cafe open mic events in the early 1990s. Here he will headline the Serve and Protect Tour, joined by Sahtyre and D Teknics. Long-time local musicians/artists Blunt Force will also open.

Wednesday Night Jam Session - RC Williams | The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Prophet Bar] - Hip-hop and neo-soul on the 1s and 2s courtesy of Jay Clipp. The Gritz provide the live band duty. RC Williams hosts the affair.

Natty Roots & Rhyme Poetry Open Mic [Jamaica Gates Caribbean Cuisine] - Poetry and Open Mic at the Jamaica Gates in Arlington.

CoLab 2nd Wednesdays - CoLab [Green Elephant] - Being a live jam band who obviously feel the need to show off their soul, CoLab gets loose with a vibe that fans of hip-hop, soul, and funk can all get down to. Every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Green Elephant.


Regular readers know that we feature new local music once or twice a week. Stay tuned for a “Best Of” list on the first of each month.

DJ Nemeses - Since 1979 -Super sick mix from the long-time D-Town turntable legend. Includes classic hip-hop bangers, funk, and a proper dosage of the scratching that helped him become a regional champion.

Chief - “Days I Remember” - Chief’s connection with locally-based Mega Royal Records is enough to include him here. This track was leaked from the Broken EP available at Mega Royal.

Damaged Good$ - $pread Love Not Germ$ - Hands down the best local release of 2010 so far.

Year of the Ox - LOVE - Solid offering from the Neva Dug Disco camp.


Year of the Ox - LOVE - Can’t believe we missed this one last week. Sorry guys. Year of the Ox have posted their third album at last week. Solid stuff.

Knecessary - "Jelly2010 The Mixtape"

Wordlife - A Day in the City Vol 1: The Best of 2009 - And speaking of Neva Dug, they also put the new Wordlife mixtape up last weekend. This one collects some of the emcee’s top verses of last year.

Ni Taylor - Take No Prisoners - New album with production from J. Rhodes. Lots of promise for this young female spitter.

Jabee + aDDLib - "Best Rapper Alive" - Leak off the upcoming project Black Cotton 2, set to drop this Saturday. “But these guys are from Oklahoma?” Yeah but the project is a collabo with Unkommon Kolor and Jabee is on the roster for locally-based Mega Royal Records.

AnonymousCulture - The Intervention - Full-length from the up-and-coming emcee.

Damaged Good$ - "Booty Call" - Damaged Good$ continue to flex their connections on the other side of the pond, here appearing on the UK outfit BBQ. This is the first track of the upcoming mixtape also feature South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo, making this a track whose creators span three nations. Also, please watch this video.

Dustin Cavazos - Snippet from Live at Mokah - His store is up and you’ll get the Live at Mokah performance free with a pre-order of his upcoming album, I Think in the Shower I Dream on My Bike.

Deepspace5 - "From the Outside" - DS5 announced today that their new album, The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be, will be out on April 27 and will be released by Mega Royal Records. Here’s the first single.