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It’s a dreary Monday in Dallas today. To help you through the day, please forage through this lengthy collection of new Dallas hip-hop.

Wreckamic - "Grizzly Bear Adams" mixtape

DJ Nemeses - "Face Melter" mix

Objektiv One - "World Tour (Chop Suey Slash Up)" - Fresh mash-up bringing Wale together with Grand Funk Railroad … at last.

Fishr Pryce + NVS - "The Mix That Never Happened" - Speaking of mash-ups, NVS and Fishr made this mix a couple years back, only to shelve the project because the mash-up craze was out of control at the time. Now it sees the light of day.

Bodega Brovas - "Iron Horse" [Video]

Mr. J. Medeiros | Erica Thompson | Bodega Brovas - "Keep the Vibe" - From “a mixtape”, upcoming from DJ Second Sense.

Chucky Sly - "wota" - More from that upcoming Second Sense mixtape.

Symbolyc One - Cloud Nineteen (The Instrumentals) - Instrumental version of the album that S1 did with Braille.

Killa MC - "Playaround" [Video] We got sent this track last week and are kinda diggin’ it. The beat is hot. Produced by Blue from the Sore Losers.

Da Dreak - "I’m Greedy" mixtape

DEEPSPACE5 - "5PRINT" mixtape - A little DS5 to whet your appetite for the upcoming full-length on Mega Royal Records.

Moses Uvere - "Me and tha Beat"

GOAT & three6t - "Highest Low" [Video]



F6 Gallery 3 Year Anniversary - [F6 Gallery] - Come to the F6 Gallery’s 3 Year anniversary and support those who give urban art a place to survive and thrive. Music will be supplied by Dub Commission.

Rok Yo Kicks [Rok Republic] - This is a guest list only event, but it seems too cool not to cover. Beat Breakerz and Centre join forces to throw this sneaker-oriented affair. Sick of getting turned away at the door of clubs just cus your wearing sneakers? Well this affair is just for you. Wear your expansive sneaks and roll in style.

Grizzly Bear Adams Experience - Wreckamic | Cashflow | Charlie Rocks | J.Mack [The Lounge on Elm] - Featuring Wreckamic, who will be debuting some new music tonight, this hip-hop show will also include J.Mack from Pae Me, who has made some noise on the DC9 Vox Pop battles.

Every Never is Now Tour - P.O.S. | Astronautalis | Dessa [Hailey’s in Denton] - Don’t expect the norm when it comes to hip-hop if you’re gonna go to this one. But if you are gonna go you probably already know that. SMU grad Astronautalis will come back to his stomping grounds of North Texas, joined by Doomtree label mates P.O.S. and Dessa. With Astronautalis claiming a background in battle rap and theater, P.O.S. emerging from the punk rock scene, and Dessa a seasoned spoken word poet and technical writing for a medical manufacturer, this should be an interesting night, indeed.


Vitamin Water + Endaglo Party - Sour Grapes [RSVP for Location] - Endaglo, Rec Shop, and Vitamin Water team up to bring you a great event featuring the art of the Sour Grapes collective, music and food. RSVP as space is limited.