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Attention hungry MCs eager to get in front of the public eye, The Dallas Observer's DC9 at Night blog has launched Vox Pop, a weekly head-to-head video battle pitting lyricists against one another. Neat idea. We’ll be watching this to see where this goes.

Round 1: JMack vs. AnonymousCulture

Go now and get your votes in.

AwkQuarius - Tahiti & PikahssoThe ever fresh Centre is opening up a pop-up store for the All-Star festivities. I can’t wait to see what kind of action this one’s gonna get. The last pop-up store to hit Mockingbird Station, Kidrobot back in September, was a wild success on opening day. We can only hope that The Annx enjoys a nice piece of that All-Star money, and that they can dodge the hookers that should be raining down on all the the prominent events of the weekend with the subtlety of a meteor shower.  

MTV Jams announced today that Saturday they will be airing a program called “Texas All-Star Day" which will focus on the burgeoning rap scene in the great Lone Star State. Pikahsso and Tahiti, Dallas’ own AwkQuarius, are scheduled to appear on the show. The program was created as a precursor to next weekend’s sure-to-be-insane All-Star Weekend events. UPDATE: Dustin Cavazos will also be on air.

The Dallas Observer has launched a new weekly emcee battle series, called Vox Pop. Submissions will be in the form of :45 videos. This sounds like it could be pretty exciting. For details of this feature, check out the DC9 at Night blog.