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Download the Tunk’s new song celebrating the Dallas area, “Where I’m From.”

Brand new track from Tunk. (via Reportin’ Live | Tunk)
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Brand new track from Tunk. (via Reportin’ Live | Tunk)

North Texas Hip-Hop makes the connection with our friends up in Seattle for this one. Check Tunk w/Thaddeus of State of the Artist.

(via Tunk feat. Thaddeus – “TeaBag” | Posted in the Parking Lot)


Ed. note - This review is written by NTXHipHop writer Alex Byrd. You should follow her on twitter.

If the title of Tunk’s newest mixtape, The Audition, was an actual occurrence, he would walk away with a golden ticket or a trip to Hollywood. This is the first project that truly exudes his talent and individuality as an artist. The previous mixtapes, MegaMan and Talk of the Town are only the steps leading up to the stage of The Audition. Production, lyricism, and execution finally became cohesive factors for this mixtape. My favorite songs include “#TABA,” “Iceman (I Can Digg It),” “Kiss from a Synth” featuring Elhae, “TANK FLIP!!,” and “Stupid Flo’” featuring Dave from The Mohicans. These records had the best flows and beats implemented simultaneously.
#TABA” is your quintessential party song embedded with thought-provoking lyrics—in his words “[he] is making something out of nothing and becoming a problem.” Tunk raps of inspiration and “calls it like [he] sees it,” because that’s how he has lived his life thus far.
Iceman (I Can Digg It)” is a super clean and solid track. The title implies that it’s cold, and I would have to agree. The sample moves through the song continuously like boomerang with the lyrics, “Iceman,I get the best ice on the street. Iceman, another brother’s ice can’t stand the heat.” The jazzy texture meets the aggressive flow with complete precision and I can dig it.
Kiss from a Synth” featuring Elhae is a classic recollection of past hook-ups with a creative illustration of numbers. I personally found it amusing and realistic. Despite the infatuation with the women of the past, both parties understand the confines and temporary nature of the situation. Every young and single person can relate to the levity exemplified.
TANK FLIP!!” serves as that jam that you can play over and over and never grow tired of. Tunk “acts a fool when it comes to hip-hop,” and his subtle jokes and confidence are something anyone listening can relate to. The production is the best on this record.

Stupid Flo’” featuring Dave from The Mohicans is the rawest track on The Audition, hands down. Too bad they could not have performed this together at the Xmas in Denton show at Hailey’s in December. The audience will have a treat of stupid—as in unbelievable—flowing skills between these two at their next collaboration or performance. Dave is very smooth and charismatic with his verses and I look forward to listening to upcoming projects from The Mohicans.

Be sure to give The Audition a play on the way to the show at The Cavern tonight on Lower Greenville in Dallas. Tunk will be performing with other Dallas heavyweights 7even Thirty, TyCity, and G. Bailey with RealRed X and Big J on the the tables to guarantee a great show.

Tunk- Iceman Promo #2 (by ILL EGO)

"I never seen a negative person get anywhere in life…"

– Tunk


December 18th. Be There.