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Club Dada

February 24, 2012

Local rap duo A.Dd+ and their DJ Sober have enjoyed one of the most eventful years of any Dallas area act and last Friday night they said goodbye to their loyal local fans as they prepare to hit the road on a US tour over the next month or so. With momentum on a steady increase since last year’s release of When Pigs Fly, A.Dd+ proved that night that they have developed the swagger and polish to get up in front of a crowd in any market.

From following A.Dd+ for the last two or so years, it’s been exciting to track their progress, both in skill and confidence. They are indeed ready for prime time and the pair of Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun carry themselves like the stars that they are. From the first notes of the opening song “Brain Sex” it was clear that this would be another of A.Dd+’s near flawless sets. Both rappers sounded crystal clear over Dada’s sound system, which amplified just how good each of these guys is on the mic. Paris evokes a smooth and solid image when he spits, the group’s anchor. Slim on the other hand, takes a different approach to his own lyrical virtuosity and acts as the group’s live wire with antics like donning a pair of LED glasses for half of the set. Friday night Both possess the prowess to be considered true professionals, a fact that will surely bear fruit when they begin the Claps and Slaps Tour opening for Detroit rapper/producer Black Milk this Friday at Brooklyn’s The Knitting Factory.

These guys may just be famous by the time that they roll back to the Big D.

Set highlights included the Black Milk-produced “Insomniac Dreaming,” the ode to stoner woes and recent crowd fave “Can’t Come Down” and the live debut of their latest song “Sh*t Got Crazy.” The customary onslaught of local rappers that hit the stage when A.Dd+ plays “Likeamug” was just as intense as ever. The Dada audience was whipped into a frenzy, with chants of “ADDHOE” breaking out twice during their 45-minute set. 

A.Dd+ aren’t the only ones whose live show has experienced some polish. Dallas Observer Music Awards winners The Mohicans made the trip from college in Lubbock to open and performed with a level of virtuosity that we haven’t yet seen from them. And with one of the duo, Devan Bernard aka Kashus Klay, graduating this year, we’re excited at the prospect of this talented group taking aim at music full-time.

galleryCat also presented the audience with a solid set with the backing of his customary band. And although he was obviously hobbled by illness, galleryCat delivered a rousing and energetic 40+ minutes of energy, with the flashes of sickness only obvious as he wound down between songs. The emotional ode to the music he loves “Hip Hop, Save Me” and the upbeat “Say Say Say” were the crowd favorites, and they thanked him for devoting his energy the way he did even though he was clearly way under the weather.

The city of Dallas is obviously proud of A.Dd+ and those at Dada were buzzing at the prospect of what the next month holds for them. They seemed poised for a takeover. Towards the end of their set, Paris casually announced “we’re getting ready to go on our first national tour,” like that some rite of passage that all rappers must do. We all know that the terms “rap group” and “national tour” do not necessarily go hand in hand, but A.Dd+ is out to prove that things are indeed changing.

Critics notebook

Personal bias: I may or may not be an A.Dd+ groupie. When people showed up to the venue with the kind of homemade signs that you’d see at an NBA game, I must admit that I was jealous that I didn’t do anything so public to show my support before they left town. So here’s a show review.

Random note: Fans of A.Dd+ or their live show should know by now that “Likeamug” has become a bit of a local hip-hop anthem, always rousing the crowd to a frenzy and always including a stage party with guest rappers joining in the fun. Wonder if the song will be as much of a live show staple when they hit the road.

By the way: The first performer of the night, Quez, is someone who I know very little about, but he put on a solid performance. Didn’t see him after his set, but would like to learn more about him. Hit me up @enoch11 if you have any insight.

A.Dd+ setlist:

1) Brain Sex

2) Po’ My Liqua

3) Greedy

4) Insomniac Dreaming

5) Can’t Come Down

6) Sh*t Got Crazy

7) Mary Go

8) Satellites

9) Jumper Cables

10) Southbound

11) Likeamug

12) Genocide

F 2/24 @ Dada :: A.Dd+ play their last local show before setting off on US tour supporting Black Milk. Check the details of the tour here. Also on the bill are galleryCat and 2011 Dallas Observer Music Awards Best Hip-Hop winners The Mohicans.

The Mohicans - Fuck School Today

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Keep On (by The Mohicans)


December 18th. Be There.