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"We Are Sore Losers" EP release show at Trees

!!! Sore Losers (We Are Sore Losers) - Sundance Film Festival 2012. Proud of these guys. (by colbyblanchet)


Great article. Shout out to Sore Losers, Brain Gang Blue, and @enoch11 (Taken with instagram)

Sore Losers Opens Wu-Tang Clan Rebirth 2012 Tour x We Are Sore Losers Celebration Show Promo (by LoyalKNG)

Peep the video for Sore Losers’ newest single “Euthanasia.” From the forthcoming We Are Sore Losers EP.

Sore Losers: We Are Sore Losers EP First Listen Session at 1111 Dragon St Studio Dallas TX (by LoyalKNG)

Sore Losers SXSW 2011 Take Over in Austin (by Corylamar1980)

New stuff from Sore Losers – The Merchandise Life by Sore Losers




“Sore Losers – Official Full Length Sundance Swag Documentary”

Sore Losers doing it big.

Sore Losers - The Epic Outro (by Colin Pierce)


Sore Losers at Sundance Teaser

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