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It’s a dreary Monday in Dallas today. To help you through the day, please forage through this lengthy collection of new Dallas hip-hop.

Wreckamic - "Grizzly Bear Adams" mixtape

DJ Nemeses - "Face Melter" mix

Objektiv One - "World Tour (Chop Suey Slash Up)" - Fresh mash-up bringing Wale together with Grand Funk Railroad … at last.

Fishr Pryce + NVS - "The Mix That Never Happened" - Speaking of mash-ups, NVS and Fishr made this mix a couple years back, only to shelve the project because the mash-up craze was out of control at the time. Now it sees the light of day.

Bodega Brovas - "Iron Horse" [Video]

Mr. J. Medeiros | Erica Thompson | Bodega Brovas - "Keep the Vibe" - From “a mixtape”, upcoming from DJ Second Sense.

Chucky Sly - "wota" - More from that upcoming Second Sense mixtape.

Symbolyc One - Cloud Nineteen (The Instrumentals) - Instrumental version of the album that S1 did with Braille.

Killa MC - "Playaround" [Video] We got sent this track last week and are kinda diggin’ it. The beat is hot. Produced by Blue from the Sore Losers.

Da Dreak - "I’m Greedy" mixtape

DEEPSPACE5 - "5PRINT" mixtape - A little DS5 to whet your appetite for the upcoming full-length on Mega Royal Records.

Moses Uvere - "Me and tha Beat"

GOAT & three6t - "Highest Low" [Video]