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NORML Party - Year of the Ox | Buddha Fingers [Sterling’s Bar and Grill] - Come celebrate NORML in Addison with the guys from Year of the Ox. Buddha Fingers mans the turntables.

No Bullshit Mondays - DJ Love | Leo J | SOULJah | Niro [Slip Inn] - The No Bullshit crew welcomes special guests DJ Love and Leo J from Poor Vida.

No Bullshit Mondays - Squirt | Astro & Leo J | SOULJah | Niro [Slip Inn] - Dallas turntable master Squirt returns to the 1s and 2s after a short hiatus playing out. Come out and celebrate his return for this special set for his birthday. Poor Vida’s Astro and Leo J will also be rockin a live set. Trust—you won’t want to miss this (FREE) show.

The Rat Pack - DJ Love | Tyrone Smiley | A-One [Zubar] - This trio has re-branded their Thursday night weekly as The Rat Pack, so head down to the Zubar for a dose of cool.

Old School ThursdaysSOULJah [Slip Inn] - Yet another installment of Old School hip-hop at the Slip Inn

Turn It Up Thursdays - ClubSceneQueens | Mr Cirque [Mambo Cafe] - Check it out, y’all. Free admission til 11.

No Bullshit Mondays - SOULJah | Niro | Nemeses [Slip Inn] - Tonight the NO BS crew bring you something special, as Nemeses and SOULJah team up for a four-turntable set. All you Niro fans sit tight, he’ll still be holding things down tonight.

No Bullshit Mondays - SOULJah | Niro [Slip Inn] - These guys are holdin’ hip-hop down, as always, on the hardest day of the week.

¿WTF? - Joe Vega [Carpe Diem Lounge] -New style vibe goes down every Thursday with a focus on the fresh. Whether you’re a hip-hop head, dubstep junkie, like to get down to electro, or all three—it’s all here. Big ups for the wide-ranging format.

Old School Thursdays - SOULJah | Niro [Slip Inn] - Every Thursday come to the Slip Inn for a dose of the classic side of hip-hop.

No Bullshit Mondays Tribute to Biggie - SOULJah | Niro | Mutemor [Slip Inn] - The No Bullshit crew pays tribute to the Notorious B.I.G. tonight.

Tag, We’re Green - SOULJah | Niro [Zubar] - Tag-team turntable party celebrating the the spread of the recycling movement to Lower Greenville. The Zubar will be the site as it was the first venue to lead the push this time last year. SOULJah and Niro will be one of three turntable tag teams.

Things Fall Apart - Rob Viktum [Slip Inn] - As always, Rob will bring it.

All Vinyl First Wednesdays - Jay Clipp | RC Williams | The Gritz [Prophet Bar] - RC and The Gritz host. Open mic, Jay Clipp spins all vinyl, free food. This is legit.

No Bullshit Mondays - SOULJah | Niro | Squirt [Slip Inn] - Local turntable legend (you better ask somebody) Squirt pops his head up at SOULJah’s weekly underground hip-hop jam tonight at the Slip Inn.

Old School Thursdays - SOULJah | Niro [Slip Inn] Niro joins in on the fun for Old School hip-hop. Just like the name says. Hosted by local hip-hop patrons Rec Shop.

WTF - Joe Vega [Carpe Diem Lounge] - Get with the times and check out what’s really going on as Joe Vega steps outside the box with his new weekly WTF. This new weekly, whose first go-round is tonight, is a fusion night combining hip-hop, dubstep, dance hall and electro to create what promises to be a lively atmosphere. I like the direction this is headed.

Revert Thursdays - DJ Love | Tyrone Smiley | A-One [Zubar] - Week two of the new cross-genre event.

No Bullshit Mondays ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY - SOULJah | Niro | The Elze [Slip Inn] - Congrats on the One Year Anniversary of your weekly hip-hop staple, No Bullshit Mondays. Residents  SOULJah and Niro are joined tonight by The Elze. If you don’t know, the Elze is Leon the Pro, Luxi the Official, and Librado Biasca w/DJ Love on the ones & twos.

No Bullshit Mondays One Nut Hug - Delta 9 | Niro | SOULJah [Slip Inn] - The Rec Shop-sponsored event hosts One Nut Hug, welcoming Delta 9 every third Wednesday.

Jay Clipp | Frances Jaye [Kush] - The Mediterranean restaurant and hookah bar hosts Jay Clipp and Frances Jaye on the decks.