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First Wednesdays Jam SessionRC Williams | The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Prophet Bar] - Jay Clipp plays an ALL VINYL set, The Gritz bring the live band vibe, and RC Williams hosts. Free food, open mic, and drinking. Sounds like a good time, no?

Things Fall Apart - Cinco de Mayo - MC Astro & Leo J | King G.I. | Year of the Ox | Tape Masta Steph | Rob Viktum[Slip Inn] -A PACKED lineup this wee as the Things Fall Apart crew welcome a bevy of live acts for this special Cinco de Mayo Wednesday at the Slip Inn.  Tape Masta Steph will also man the turntables before he departs to Vegas, as will resident DJ Rob Viktum 

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!


True School Hip-Hop DJ Love [Ten Sports Grill] - Come downtown for Love’s weekly dose of hip-hop.

Sore ThumbsGOAT | Elle | Poindexter [Java Jo’z] - Art, music, and video games brought to you by Art Love Magic and Intelligent South.

Space Camp - Rob Viktum| DJ Sean P [Fallout Lounge] - Space party with free Astronaut Pizza available before 9. Oh and after that two of the illest DJ in own will throw down a night full of funk, dance, and electro. MMMM astronaut pizza.


Jam SessionRC Williams | The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Prophet Bar] - Open mic, free food, live band. This is definitely one of the more lively things you’ll see on a weekly basis in the local hip-hop scene.

Things Fall Apart Rob Viktum[Slip Inn] - Rob Viktum hopes to see your face so he can make you smile with his always-on-point handling of the turntables. Come get your head rocked by one of the city’s best DJs.

Both of the events going on tonight are staples in our local hip-hop scene, with extremely talented people behind each of them. Go out and support and keep the scene strong.



Real Street Jam 2.0 - Mutemor | Priest TD [1837 Corinth St.] - Kicking off at 2:00 this party caters to all elements of hip-hop: Priest and Mutemor will be spinning, there will be a b-boy battle, and a graffiti expo is also planned. There will even be BMX and skate contests going on. What about the MCs, you ask? Well, check out the insane lineup for the afterparty on the flyer above.

Real Street Jam 2.0 Official After Party - Damaged Good$ | Mes the Jive Turkey | galleryCat | Playdough | Ty City | A.Dd+ | Ni Taylor | AnonymousCulture | Ms Keke | Dow Jonez | MC Astro | Year of the Ox | 7even Thirty | Rob Viktum | SOI | Phooka [1837 Corinth St.] - This will be insane.

Breakbeats -DJ Love [Zubar] - Love brings it with his monthly dose of breaks at the Zubar.


Spring Affair - A-One | JT Donaldson | Brett Johnson | John Walker | Mike J [Reverchon Park] - Try something new. Well, not new, park parties are nothing revolutionary. So try something different and house-y. Let’s enjoy this good weather while we still can, North Texas!


Things Fall Apart - Rob Viktum[Slip Inn] - Get your weekly hip-hop dose from Rob Viktum. And while you’re at the Slip Inn, check out the newly painted back wall courtesy of IC’s Minus.

Jam Session - DJ Ro Parrish | RC Williams | The Gritz [Prophet Bar] - Ro Parrish guest DJs tonight.


Healing: Chilean Fundraising Event - Kilo Art-of-Fact | Bobby Fisha | Year of the Ox | Rob Viktum [Slip Inn] - Chliean-born rapper Kilo Art-of-Fact will be representing for his ravaged home country at this week’s Wednesday Slip Inn event. Local rappers Bobby Fisha and Year of the Ox will also represent. Rob Viktum will hold down the wheels of steel as usual.

Serve and Protect Tour 2010 - 2Mex | Sahtyre | D Teknics | Blunt Force [Ridglea Theater] - LA’s 2Mex has been holding it down in the underground scene ever since he plied his skills as a lyricist at the legendary Good Life Cafe open mic events in the early 1990s. Here he will headline the Serve and Protect Tour, joined by Sahtyre and D Teknics. Long-time local musicians/artists Blunt Force will also open.

Wednesday Night Jam Session - RC Williams | The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Prophet Bar] - Hip-hop and neo-soul on the 1s and 2s courtesy of Jay Clipp. The Gritz provide the live band duty. RC Williams hosts the affair.

Natty Roots & Rhyme Poetry Open Mic [Jamaica Gates Caribbean Cuisine] - Poetry and Open Mic at the Jamaica Gates in Arlington.

CoLab 2nd Wednesdays - CoLab [Green Elephant] - Being a live jam band who obviously feel the need to show off their soul, CoLab gets loose with a vibe that fans of hip-hop, soul, and funk can all get down to. Every 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Green Elephant.


Tag, We’re Green - SOULJah | Niro [Zubar] - Tag-team turntable party celebrating the the spread of the recycling movement to Lower Greenville. The Zubar will be the site as it was the first venue to lead the push this time last year. SOULJah and Niro will be one of three turntable tag teams.

Things Fall Apart - Rob Viktum [Slip Inn] - As always, Rob will bring it.

All Vinyl First Wednesdays - Jay Clipp | RC Williams | The Gritz [Prophet Bar] - RC and The Gritz host. Open mic, Jay Clipp spins all vinyl, free food. This is legit.

imageThe Say Anything Tour - Coolzey | Raashan Ahmad - Parade of Flesh always comes correct with the realest shows, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard them do a hip-hop event. Which means that this one should be a solid use of your five bucks. Iowa rapper Coolzey takes his show on the road with Raashan Ahmad, the frontman/MC of the Crown City Rockers.

Natty Roots & Rhyme Open Mic - DJ Nature [Jamaica Gates] - Arlington’s Jamaica Gates will play host to this Caribbean-themed open mic event. MCs and poets will be keeping the things lively, meanwhile local legend DJ Nature provides the soundtrack. “I thought DJ Nature lived in Puerto Rico.” Yeah, well he’s back now.

Things Fall Apart - Rob Viktum [Slip Inn] - Mr. Viktum earns his keep as one of the hardest working DJs in Dallas. Some see him sweat tonight at the Slip Inn as he instructs the crowd on how to get down just like he does every Wednesday at the Slip Inn.

Wednesday Night Jam Session - RC Williams | The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Prophet Bar] - Live band, open mic, free food, ‘nuff said.


Fishr Pryce - February mix - Hip-hop classics with your boy Fishr. Has stuff from greats like Nas, Biggie, Dilated Peoples, Common, Public Enemy, Talib Kweli, Outkast and more.

Astronautalis - "Seaweed Sheets" - Astronautalis goes all rap star on this one, the first track from his upcoming DANCEHALLHORNSOUND!!!! mix tape. The project itself is not what we’re used to from Andy, so check out mucho details at Fresher Than.

Jabee - "The Re-Up" and Two Remix EPs - Jabee’s Valentine’s Day EP, “The Re-Up” is avaiable now FREE at Mega Royal Records. Also free are two remix EPs, including one from Objektiv One.

Rob Viktum + Ancient Mith - "Don’t Wanna Feel" - And speaking of Mega Royal, Rob Viktum is in the process of recording an EP and a full length with Colorado-based rapper Ancient Mith. Peep the video for the first track that they’ve completed.


The Jam Session - RC Williams | The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Prophet Bar] - Jam session with a live band and open mic. Organic hip-hop and cheap drinks tonight.

Things Fall Apart - Rob Viktum [Slip Inn] - In addition to the hip-hop bangers that he always spins for the heads, Rob promises tonight to spice things up with a little funk, soul, and disco. Sounds like a good one.

imageGallerycat [Yes Go Productions] - This one just kinda snuck up on us yesterday, but this free show seems like it’ll be lots of fun. And be sure to wear yer purty clothes because this performance will be filmed. It’ll be right near Lake Cliff Park in Oak Cliff. Update: Looks like this was the revival show of the DC9 at Night’s Live at El Sibil series.

Things Fall Apart - Rob Viktum [Slip Inn] - Once again, Mr. Viktum hosts a mid-week meeting of the minds. Always a chill option for the hip-hop heads. And Rob’s even promised some new new tonight. Juicy.

Ball Till You Fall - Kid Capri | Biz Markie | Tank [Club Iniquity] - Two legends of hip-hop invade Club Iniquity tonight.

Stevie Wonder vs. Prince Jam Session - The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Prophet Bar] - The Deep Ellum venue will be hosting what looks to be an interesting an unique affair. Live band performance by the Gritz and DJ skills provided by Jay Clipp.

imageShock Value II Tour - Timbaland | Down With Webster | The Bright [House of Blues] - A legend in the industry, Timbaland is known for producing some of the most longstanding classic bangers in the world of commercial hip-hop. Prepare for a history lesson as the super producer will be sure to play many of his all-time hits.

Shock Value II Official After Party - DJ Freestyle Steve [Lost Society] - Timbaland’s DJ will be setting off the official after party at lower Greenville’s swank lounge Lost Society. Where is that, you ask? Well, it’s that place you’ve probably never been in next to the Zubar, so there.

Things Fall Apart - DJ Rob Viktum [Slip Inn] - Weekly hip-hop lessons taught by Mega Royal honcho Rob Viktum. Selection always ranges from old school classics to never-before-heard joints.

Prophet Bar All Vinyl First Wednesdays All Vinyl - The Gritz | Jay Clipp | Sober [Prophet Bar] - This trio of disc jockeys will be spinning a full night of non-digital jams at the Deep Ellum venue. Word on the streets is that there’s free food up in this mug so get your grub on while you take a stroll down memory lane and witness DJs handling these things called records.