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Fur Face Boy Series III Release Party - Fishr Pryce | John-E Specs | Info Red w/Niro | Leon the Pro | Sore Losers | Jabee | DJ Love [Centre] - Just wow. The Fur Face Boy has gone all out for the release of the third series of his clothing, booking a virtual who’s who of local hip-hop for the party. Taking place at Centre in Mockingbird Station, this one is set to run from 1-9. Check out the Facebook event page for he set list of this top-notch lineup. An exclusive FFB x Centre tee will be available. And check out the new FFB line right here.

Absynthesizer 6 - LEAF | Blunt Force Crew [Absinthe Lounge] - This one should prove to be a great one, with acclaimed producer LEAF tearing it up along with the long-time D-Town hip-hop staple the Blunt Force Crew who will have unreleased material in tow. Word on the streets in that a special unannounced guest will also make a showing. Fun stuff.

Fizzy Dino Pop | Sore Losers | DJ TOMMYLEEJONES [The Majestic Dwelling of Doom] - The Sore Losers do the double header as they zip up to Denton to play at the great house party venue of The Majestic Dwelling of Doom.


Block Party Sundays - RC Williams | The Gritz | Jay Clipp [Lost Society] - New weekly block party series brought to you by RC Williams and live band The Gritz. Hip-hop and R&B and eat plenty of free shrimp, crawfish, catfish and more. Party runs from 1- 9, free until 3 and $10 after that.

True School Hip-Hop DJ Love [Ten Sports Grill] - Come downtown for Love’s weekly dose of hip-hop.

Sore ThumbsGOAT | Elle | Poindexter [Java Jo’z] - Art, music, and video games brought to you by Art Love Magic and Intelligent South.

Space Camp - Rob Viktum| DJ Sean P [Fallout Lounge] - Space party with free Astronaut Pizza available before 9. Oh and after that two of the illest DJ in own will throw down a night full of funk, dance, and electro. MMMM astronaut pizza.

NORML Party - Year of the Ox | Buddha Fingers [Sterling’s Bar and Grill] - Come celebrate NORML in Addison with the guys from Year of the Ox. Buddha Fingers mans the turntables.

No Bullshit Mondays - DJ Love | Leo J | SOULJah | Niro [Slip Inn] - The No Bullshit crew welcomes special guests DJ Love and Leo J from Poor Vida.

The Rat Pack - DJ Love | Tyrone Smiley | A-One [Zubar] - On each and every Thursday night each of this trio of DJs bring top-notch skills and an excellent track selection to the Zubar. This week the three have something special in store, as the ALL VINYL night will be an all-out tribute to the recently fallen hip-hop legend Guru from Gang Starr. Support.

True School Hip-Hop - DJ Love [Ten Sports Grill]

Bavu Blakes w/Myone | Chucky Sly | Year of the Ox | MC Astro | J-Kid | DJ Nemeses [Green Elephant] - Behold as two of the elder statesmen of local hip-hop come together to drop science all over Dallas. Each of these MCs can individually hold it down on a national level and we owe it to them to support. Bavu will have special guest Myone from the Strange Fruit Project for his set. And the Rec Shop B-Boys will be showcasing their talents to the tunes of the talented DJ Nemeses. Should be an epic evening.

The Rat Pack - DJ Love | Tyrone Smiley | A-One [Zubar] - This trio has re-branded their Thursday night weekly as The Rat Pack, so head down to the Zubar for a dose of cool.

Old School ThursdaysSOULJah [Slip Inn] - Yet another installment of Old School hip-hop at the Slip Inn

Turn It Up Thursdays - ClubSceneQueens | Mr Cirque [Mambo Cafe] - Check it out, y’all. Free admission til 11.

Revert Thursdays - DJ Love | Tyrone Smiley | A-One [Zubar] - These three aces hold down Zubar on Thursday Night Delight.


Real Street Jam 2.0 - Mutemor | Priest TD [1837 Corinth St.] - Kicking off at 2:00 this party caters to all elements of hip-hop: Priest and Mutemor will be spinning, there will be a b-boy battle, and a graffiti expo is also planned. There will even be BMX and skate contests going on. What about the MCs, you ask? Well, check out the insane lineup for the afterparty on the flyer above.

Real Street Jam 2.0 Official After Party - Damaged Good$ | Mes the Jive Turkey | galleryCat | Playdough | Ty City | A.Dd+ | Ni Taylor | AnonymousCulture | Ms Keke | Dow Jonez | MC Astro | Year of the Ox | 7even Thirty | Rob Viktum | SOI | Phooka [1837 Corinth St.] - This will be insane.

Breakbeats -DJ Love [Zubar] - Love brings it with his monthly dose of breaks at the Zubar.


Spring Affair - A-One | JT Donaldson | Brett Johnson | John Walker | Mike J [Reverchon Park] - Try something new. Well, not new, park parties are nothing revolutionary. So try something different and house-y. Let’s enjoy this good weather while we still can, North Texas!

Dustin Cavazos w/Elle | Jackrabbit James | GOAT [Mokah] - Five buck to get in, starts at 8. Details here.

Revert Thursdays - DJ Love | Tyrone Smiley | A-One [Zubar] - A veritable All-Star lineup of local DJs, every Thursday at the Zubar.

Brown Sugar presents: How Many Mics? - M. Knight | Jay Clipp [Zubar]

Dallas Poetry Slam [Backbeat Cafe] - Poetry slam and open mic. Every first Friday. Starts at 10.

True School Hip-Hop - DJ Love [Ten Sports Grill]

Old School Thursdays - SOULJah | Niro [Slip Inn] Niro joins in on the fun for Old School hip-hop. Just like the name says. Hosted by local hip-hop patrons Rec Shop.

WTF - Joe Vega [Carpe Diem Lounge] - Get with the times and check out what’s really going on as Joe Vega steps outside the box with his new weekly WTF. This new weekly, whose first go-round is tonight, is a fusion night combining hip-hop, dubstep, dance hall and electro to create what promises to be a lively atmosphere. I like the direction this is headed.

Revert Thursdays - DJ Love | Tyrone Smiley | A-One [Zubar] - Week two of the new cross-genre event.

No Bullshit Mondays ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY - SOULJah | Niro | The Elze [Slip Inn] - Congrats on the One Year Anniversary of your weekly hip-hop staple, No Bullshit Mondays. Residents  SOULJah and Niro are joined tonight by The Elze. If you don’t know, the Elze is Leon the Pro, Luxi the Official, and Librado Biasca w/DJ Love on the ones & twos.

Hip-Hop for Haiti [AM/PM Lounge] - Come show support for this Haiti relief event at the AM/PM Lounge.

GOAT | Jackrabbit James | Elle LaPorte | The Hi-Tones [Green Elephant]

Orizon Hip-Hop Smash - EZ Eddie D | Icon-5 [United Dance Studio] - An all elements hip-hip party, with KNON’s EZ Eddie D manning the turntables. Icon-5 of the T.I.P. Crew will be doing a live graffiti exhibition. There will also be a cash prize 1-on-1 b-boy contest and an open mic. Show runs early, fro 7-10, so don’t miss this celebration of true hip-hop culture.

True School Hip-Hop - DJ Love [Ten Sports Grill] - Love holds it down with his weekly gig at the Downtown Dallas spot. Solid hip-hop, all the time.

Dallas Poetry Slam & Open Mic [It’s A Grind] - This is for all you you true lyricists or those who hold the art of the spoken word in high regard. Take the Green Line to the Baylor Station for this one.